About 901Academy

“People go to classes to learn something. People come to 901 Academy to feel something... Passion, creativity and support. Welcome to our family.” - 901 Academy


“901 through the looking glass”


Join us as we take you along our 901 journey where we will share with you how to create a unique salon culture as well as provide you with the tools to refine your craft. Kick the day off with a morning mentorship hosted by Nine Zero One co-owners, Nikki and Riawna, followed by a deep dive into the 901 techniques we use to create some of our signature looks. Here you will have the opportunity to learn from the 901 Dream Team themselves! These are the stylists that have the knowledge, passion, and artistry that continues to help shape 901 into what it is today. This is not your average “look and learn”, this is a class that will leave you feeling inspired and ignite a fire burning inside you. We’re excited and honored to share with you what has made our dream a success in the hopes that it adds value to yours.



901 Academy